Amplatz Super Stiff

Provides extra strength and stability during catheter placement and exchange during contralateral access and in carotid procedures.
Tip design: flat wire construction with spring coil
Core: large inner stainless steel core
Coating: PTFE coating
Unique benefits: Soft, atraumatic tip, multiple tip style options


Unique micro-cut nitinol technology designed to provide 1:1 torque for navigating tortuous, distal and difficult to access anatomy.
Tip design: unique micro-cut nitinol hypotube
Core: stainless steel
Coating: hybrid, hydrophilic with 1.27cm uncoated distal tip
Hybrid coating for tactile feel at the distal tip, micro-cut nitinol designed to provide true 1:1 torque control

Magic Torque

Workhorse .035” guidewire for catheter placement and exchange, and gaining contralateral access.
Tip design: spring coil
Core: single piece stainless steel
Coating: Glidex™ hydrophilic coating on distal 10 cm
Unique benefits: 4 Magic™ Markers for measuring vessel/lesion size


Super stiff support for strength and stability when placing large devices such as thoracic sheaths and in AAA procedures.

Platinum Plus

A vessel-straightening guide wire for challenging cases where torque response, very high rail support and significant pushability are required.


Thruway Guidewire .014" & .018" Designed for accessing and crossing lesions in acutely angled vessels such as the renal arteries.

V-14 ControlWire

Offers the choice of two tip load options with excellent rail support.
Only V-14 ControlWire offers you both 3 g and 6 g wires for enhanced tip stiffness and increased push. This, in addition to a strong Scitanium Core that is engineered for superb torque control and rail support, makes V-14 the ideal 0.014” (0.36 mm) traversing wire for BTK cases.
Enhanced tip stiffness and push
Superb torque control and rail support
Familiar Scitanium Core enables lesion access and facilitates device delivery.
Short and long taper options for optimal rail support.
Torque control to facilitate lesion access.
Excellent tracking & placement
Polymer sleeve with ICE Hydrophilic Coating for excellent tracking.
Polymer tip enables smooth device delivery.
2 cm radiopaque tip intended to enhance visibility for accurate wire placement.
Long Taper.

V-18 ControlWire

Hydrophilic performance with excellent torque control for distal peripheral access and contralateral approaches


Multiple tip loads to break through resistant lesions: Victory is designed to break through and cross resistant lesions, offering increasing tip loads from 12 g to 30 g for control and a range of pushability. Combined with an innovative inner core wire, Victory is engineered to enhance steering and provide maximum torque response.

ZIPWire Hydrophilic

Designed for navigating through and crossing challenging anatomy. Tip design: polymer jacket
Core: Super-elastic nitinol
Coating: Full hydrophilic wire
Unique benefits: Precise torque control, superior visibility, small vessel option (0.018” diameter)

Fathom - 16

The Fathom Steerable Guidewires combine a nitinol hypotube distal segment with advanced microfabrication technology, creating a design that revolutionizes access of the most tortuous vasculature.