Bodedex Forte

Patented, self-acting liquid cleaner for instruments.
Bodedex forte can be used for self-acting cleaning of instruments and equipment in hospitals, primary healthcare and the laboratory.

Bomix Plus

Aldehyde-free instrument decontaminant with excellent cleaning power and a broad spectrum of effect.
The excellent cleaning results contribute to the particularly reliable and effective decontamination effect of the product. Surgical instruments heavily contaminated with proteins like blood are not a problem for Bomix plus. As a result of its excellent material compatibility, Bomix plus can also be used for particularly sensitive instruments such as flexible endoscopes and material combinations with silicone and latex.

Korsolex Plus

Aldehyde-free instrument disinfectant for heat-sensitive and heat-resistant instruments with powerful cleaning effect.
Korsolex plus has an excellent material comptability and can be used for the cleaning disinfection of heat-resistant and heat-sensitive instruments (flexible endoscopes) in the manual treatment, circulation procedures as well as in the ultrasonic bath.

Korsolex Med AF

Aldehyde-free disinfectant with powerful soil-dissolving effect, economic use concentrations, and a particular pleasant smell for heat-resistant and heat-sensitive instruments.
Korsolex med AF is suitable for the disinfection of heat-sensitive/heat-resistant instruments and rigid endoscopes. The instrument disinfectant, based on amines, is characterized by an excellent cleaning power, the ability to take high protein burdens, and a pleasant smell.
The instrument disinfectant is compatible to a multitude of materials, e.g. stainless steel, glass, ceramics, aluminium, ebonite, and hard plastic. Korsolex med AF is not suitable for instruments made of silicone, latex, or for fiberscopes, probe heads and tonometers.

Korsolex PAA

Peracetic acid-based high-level instrument disinfectant.
Korsolex PAA is suitable for the high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes, anesthesia materials and surgical instruments except hard metal instruments. Suitable for thermoplastics and elastomers.

Korsolex ready to use

High-level, ready-to-use disinfectant for instruments and endoscopes.
Korsolex prêt à l’emploi / Korsolex ready to use is a product highly suitable for disinfection of all kinds of heat-resistant and heat-sensitive instruments. The solution does not need to be diluted before usage. The well-balanced combination of glutaraldehyde with the auxiliary compounds boosts the activity of the active ingredient. This formulation is stable over years and it does not have to be activated prior to use. As a consequence, Korsolex prêt à l’emploi / Korsolex ready to use is extremely user-friendly.

Korsolex Endo-Cleaner

Proven and comprehensively surveyed system for the chemo-thermal reprocessing of endoscopes with high material compatibility, very good cleaning performance and a broad spectrum of effect including HAV.
- excellent solving capacity for oil, dirt, blood and biofilm
- high degree of material compatibility for machine and endoscope
- little foaming
- economical
- phosphate-free
- environmentally friendly
- compatible with Korsolex® Endo-Disinfectant

Korsolex Endo-Disinfectant

Korsolex Endo-Disinfectant is a residue-free, exceptionally material-compatible disinfectant for chemo-thermal reprocessing of endoscopes.
The product achieves a high micro-organism reduction and offers staff and patients an effective protection against infection.
- high degree of material compatibility for machine and endoscope
- compatible with different water qualities
- Virucidal
- formaldehyde-free
- compatible with Korsolex Endo-Cleaner

Korsolex Bohrerbad

Drill Bath - ready to use disinfectant for rotary instruments with high material compatibility - also applicable for ultrasonic disinfection.
The highly alkaline, alcohol-based disinfectant Korsolex Bohrerbad has a broad spectrum of effect and is eminently suitable for the disinfectant cleaning of steel and diamond drills, reamers, root instruments, fraises and other instruments made of stainless steel.

Mikrobac Dent

Aldehyde-free cleaning disinfectant for suction units and amalgam separators. Acts rapidly at very low concentrations, extremely foamless.
With its excellent cleaning characteristics and its comprehensive activity Mikrobac® dent is particularly tailored to the set of problems, which arises with the cleaning disinfection of suction units.
Through the combination of an alkylamine and two quaternary ammonium compounds Mikrobac® dent achieves quick activity already at very low concentrations.